Support service is required in most modern businesses. From small local stores to big corporations that provide thousands of different products and services — all they are dealing with support service.

Many of us have come across cases when the autoresponder on the support service hotline telling you that all operators are busy currently and you have to wait for X minutes. Such cases slow down business and reduce usability. That’s why the modern tendency is to automate support service and provide the customers correct answers to their questions quickly and automatically, without waiting for someone. …

When your business deals with a big number of customers — it’s a hard task to keep all of them satisfied and be sure that all of them will continue to buy your products or services. Even if your revenue grows — this does not mean that everything is good, as some new customers are arriving, but old customers can get some issues and decrease their activity, or even go away.

To keep your business maximally growing — it’s very important to make sure that most customers are satisfied and keep their activity at least on a stable level. If…

Igor Shtelmakh

PhD., Chief Data Officer at Widr Pay

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